Matt Healy

I love Neo-Traditional and realism as well as gothic realism.

Matt Healy – Charlotte, NC Tattoo Artist

Veteran Cavalry Scout with 2 combat tours Afghanistan. Art has always been an escape for me. My grandfather was a very successful artist. Being Sicilian my family came over through Ellis island and he was raised in Harlem very poor. He shined shoes in order to make money and if my grandmother didn’t make him go to art school he may have ended up under much different circumstances considering the way it was for Italians back then. He is and always will be my hero my motivator and inspiration. Since I could hold a pencil he encouraged me to draw and refine my craft. The only elective in school you could guarantee I would be in is art class. I can remember my first lessons on color theory in elementary school and learning the color wheel. Somehow it’s always come natural to me and over the years I’ve never stopped progressing myself while respecting all forms of art and remaining humble despite the praise I would get from people around me. Without humility we can’t progress as artist. Without respect and discipline we can’t commit ourselves to a career as challenging as this one. In 7th grade my grandfather bought me my first Mac and that’s when I started learning graphic design. I graduated from AIT at the age of 19 and then joined the army. Through all my hardships and experiences it’s helped me grow as an artist. Our experiences and our story is how we create meaningful art. After the army I attended savannah school of art and design and earned another degree in the arts. I then took a couple months to put together a portfolio and was offered an apprenticeship under one I consider to be one of the best. My apprenticeship was honestly harder than the military, however, everything I went through or was out through always had a lesson or meaning behind it. Still to this day my mentor continues to teach me all his knowledge years later. I was born and raised in Charlotte. I love this city and the people in it. Every time I create something custom for my clients that literally changes their lives it’s the best feeling. I love Neo-Traditional and realism as well as gothic realism. I don’t consider myself to commit to one specific style of tattooing. It’s all art to me and I put as much detail and thought into every custom piece I do as possible. I’m honored to have the opportunity so many other artists don’t and am able to make a living doing what I love. It’s a lifestyle choice for me and not a job. This is my way of leaving my mark on the world no matter how insignificant it is hopefully my art will outlive me.

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