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Best Tattoo Parlors in America 2021

While tattoos have always been popular, not long ago they weren’t exactly conventional. Now, people from all walks of life are inking their bodies; either a personal tribute or simply exhibit a permanent work of art. So what better way to celebrate this than with a summary of the best tattoo parlors in the United States?

With thousands of tattoo parlors in the United States, we have compiled the best of the best, with the store you must visit in each state. With a variety of styles, here is something for all tattoo lovers.

Just be careful, some of these pieces may tempt you to travel everywhere on your own.

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Tattoo Archive Takes Visitors Back In Time

Tattoo Archive takes visitors back in time through its tattoo museum, bookstore and changing exhibits

Tattoo Shops Charlotte NC

Chuck Eldridge and his wife, Harriet Cohen, affectionately call their Tattoo Archive business in downtown Winston-Salem “the three-ring circus of tattooing.”

That’s because the couple operates a working tattoo shop, a tattoo museum and tattoo bookstore all under one roof.


Tattoo Archive’s goal is to promote the history of tattooing through research and education, and its walls help make that history come alive.

Eldridge estimates that Tattoo Archive’s walls are covered with at least 150 years of tattoo history from his collection.

“There is information and images from American tattooing,” Eldridge said. “There are kind of whimsical images of (P.T.) Barnum, who wasn’t really tattooed.”

Visitors will find photographs of famous tattooists such as Percy Waters, George Burchett and Paul Rogers.

Rogers was a tattoo artist from Western North Carolina who was born in 1905 and started tattooing in 1928.

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