15 Amazing Charlotte Tattoo Artists You Should Follow

So you’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo. Luckily for you, WCCB has compiled a list of 15 amazing artists in the Charlotte area. These artists specialize in everything from American Traditional style of tattooing to Japanese, Watercolor, Realism, and many more styles.

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Elisa Sanchez

  • Sanchez has been working as an artist and illustrator for the past six years in Charlotte.
  • She graduated from UNCC with a degree in the arts.
  • Sanchez’s work is featured at Goodyear Arts gallery, where she says she has been a resident for the past three years.


Tucker Sward

  • Sward’s first love for art started with drawing. He says he has been drawing for as long as he can remember, filling notebooks full of sketches and characters of his own creation.
  • Post high school, Sward studied illustration at UNCC.
  • Sward says he has worked for years in the local mural scene.
  • Sward experiments with bold line work, color blending, smooth gray shading, and custom design.


Brad Yow

  • Yow is a North Carolina native who has been in the tattoo game since 2018.
  • Yow specializes in fine line work, black work, and illustrative tattoos.

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