FOX 46 Unfiltered: Jason Baker of Canvas Tattoos

Watch this video –

“It’s kind of like they hit your sister.”

I’m starting a new thing on my Facebook page called FOX 46 UNFILTERED.

Here you’ll hear from someone I’ve interviewed – unfiltered, no edits, just their words as they said them.

Today, we meet Jason Baker, owner of Canvas Tattoo & Art Gallery in NoDa. He’s a good friend of Ashley Bacon, a bartender at Dog Bar who was sucker punched by a customer Brian Snider over a $2.50 beer.

Jason’s offering a $500 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to Brian Snider’s arrest. It’s selfless acts like these that show why NoDa is not just a hip neighborhood in which to hang out, it’s a wonderful place to live. Neighbors care about each other and they step up to help one another.

Here’s Jason – unfiltered – the way his family and friends like it.

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